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Youth Bowling club

Members enjoy...

  • 3 games of bowling each meeting

  • Use of ball and bowling shoes

  • Coaching from certified instructors

  • The opportunity to earn recognition awards

  • An End of Season party on April 14, with free pop & pizza

To Register:

Fill out a Youth Bowling Club registration form and turn it in at the bowling counter at Riverboat Lanes. You can get a registration form at the bowling counter or print it off by clicking here.


All Ages and Skill Levels

All skill levels are welcome and able to enjoy bowling. Our Youth Bowling Clubs have a handicap system in place that allows bowlers of different skill levels to compete fairly against each other. The lower the average, the more free pins they are given in the beginning of the game. As a player becomes more skilled, the handicap points given each game decrease.

Playing Time

Nobody stays on the bench in Youth Bowling- everyone gets to play!

Bowl With Your Friends!

No draft in the Youth Bowling Clubs means buddy requests are always granted!

Schedule Flexibility

If there is ever a session you cannot attend, you can bowl the missed games for that session earlier in the week, and they will count toward your individual average and team's score.

Great Exercise

Rolling an 8 to 16 lb bowling ball at up to 25 MPH down 60 ft of lane uses 134 muscles. Bowlers playing 3 games at 2 balls per frame walk almost one mile, and burn 198 calories per hour! And bowling is a lifelong sport you can enjoy from age 3 to 103.

Help Pay for College

Each year, teen bowlers in the U.S. earn an estimated 6 million dollars in scholarship money. There are now more than 3,500 student athletes on 200 college and university intercollegiate bowling teams, with nearly 100 colleges and universities across the country offering bowling scholarships today!

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